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(crossposted from the Reviews section, this particular review had a restless photographer so enjoy)

Images Honda CTX1300 : Images moto-station.com

Don't forget to look at all the pages, look for the yellow-on-black navigation bar at the top of the gallery. The rightmost flashing arrow labeled "Suiv." (short for Next in French) leads to the next page of thumbnails ;-)

Pretty good resolution and the pics of the under seat area are just gold.

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Now I know where I'll be placing my isolated fuse panel. :)
Also nice to see there is a bungee hook point in the front top of each saddlebag. I noticed the bungee hook stud under the hand grip before but didn't see more than one on each side. The photos show the forward hook point.

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I should ask a friend of mine about this. He's a book editor and speaks fluent French. I have a feeling this would be an easy one, and the result would make a lot more sense! Or I suppose I could ask another friend who lives in Montreal...
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