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Pictures from the press ride

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Honda had a "ride day" for the press in San Diego recently--that's why we are seeing this slew of reviews in the past few days. They have a Facebook page with a dozen photos of that event here:

CTX1300 Press Ride

I don't know if you have to login to Facebook to see these. I don't think so, though I did have to log in before I could make any comments.

It's kind of cool to see a bunch of 1300s all lined up… :)
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A few of the recent reviews did mention that. I like the photo of the rider giving a thumbs up. :D
Go view of 2 of the bikes with tall screens and how they lined up with rider's view over.
Interesting how the only ones with tall windshields installed were the black ones. Maybe it's a preview of how my bike will look eventually… ;)

Though I like what I am seeing from Cee Bailey. That might be an alternative. I'd love to see National Cycle come out with something, because their windshields are AMAZING. Super easy to clean, never scratch, and water runs right off of them. I know someone over there; maybe I should shoot him a suggestion!
I didn't have to login to see the pictures even their other albums, good for those of us that dont want to sign up on FB! Thanks for sharing.
Those bars all look high. :confused:
Those bars all look high. :confused:
Yeah, they do. But it's hard to tell for sure. In this photo, the guy in the red helmet looks like his bars are way high, but he has the wheel turned to the left. The bars look a lot lower for the guy in the black helmet.

This whole thing is driving me crazy. All I know is that I usually have problems seeing behind me, even after adjusting the mirrors. My elbows hang down into the frame. But it's not TOO serious; I could live with it.
It's all just making me drool. A lot.
Hey Ed!! Just in case your CTX doesn't show up in time,I got a real nice 2010 TBird SE that I'll sell ya!! lol Dave!!!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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