I purchased a CTX last year and it has the OEM tall shield, but the owner also had the short OEM screen and a Puig light smoke vented windscreen that he said fits the bike. The windscreen has very minor marks. Looking at posts here, it appears to be model 7005H (again with vent). It's just the shield and did not come with any mounting hardware, but I assume if it fits OEM, you could use the mounting hardware from the CTX? I will never use either so just checking if anyone would be interested in both at minimal pricing plus shipping? I'm including a pic just for the shape. It is setting on the floor in the pic, so it will look like a bunch of defects present which is not the case.

I'm located in Iowa and can use USPS nicely packaged. It will be lighter weight however, the larger size might make it a little more expensive on shipping.