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Questions on the Manual

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Hello All,

I was just diving into the manual a bit deeper and in the manual it says that the CTX1300A which I'm pretty sure is the Deluxe model has heated grips....did any of you guys get this option with your deluxe or is this a Honda accessory that we have to add on?
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This is an option to add in the USA. It is standard in some other countries since they ONLY get the Deluxe and with heated grips included. We're so lucky we get the option of a stripped down version too (Standard version).
k. Thanks for the info. I figured there had to be something off with that!! I bought the deluxe model and stared at the manual for a while saying I bought the A where are the heated grips..figured I would check here before I called the dealer. Glad I did!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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