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i have looked for rear floor boards and adapters forever with no results to fit the ctx1300. i did use the adapters for a honda vtx1300 and kurayakin mini floor boards that are adjustable. they work fine and i know when you tip them up there at a slant. just carry the allen wrench with you to loosen the splined adapter and rotate them to park flat. a little bit of a pain but the wife isn't on the back all that much and when she is it only takes a minuet to adjust them flat for her.

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I made my old VTX 1800 a lot more comfortable for my wife (happy wife, happy life!) by using the passenger floorboards together with the forward relocating links from Rivco Products (rivcoproducts.com).

It appears under my first inspection that the CTX1300 and VTX1800 passenger pegs use the same mounting system and at the same angle.

Here is a link to the two items you will need:

Passenger Floorboards for Honda® VTX1800/1300, VT1100 and VT1300 Models - Honda VTX1800 - Honda - Shop by Motorcycle

Relocation Arms for Honda® VT1100, VTX 1300/1800 - Honda VTX1800 - Honda - Shop by Motorcycle
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