I have a Red Deluxe in the Houston area in VGC and with the following accessories:

Russell Day Long Saddle (in beige suede).
Honda top box
Honda heated grips
Honda center stand
Honda tall wind screen
Headlight protector
Menosabe tip over bars
USB charqe port at handlebars
Battery charger pigtail.

I bought the bike in the fall of 2021 and took a trip in May 2022 through Big Bend and other National Parks in TX and NM. Bike run great.

I will be in TX in mid January for a couple of weeks with the idea of riding again during that time. The bike is again in TX at a friend's house.

In September of 2021 and before my trip, @ 25k miles, prior owner did the following:

New battery installed
New E3 spark plugs installed
New Ail filter installed
Engine oil and filter changed
Rear drive oil changed
Brake and clutch hydraulic fluids changed
Antifreeze changed
Clutch and brake lever pivots greased
Side stand and center stand pivots lubed
Valves checked and all were within spec - no adjustment needed

After purchase and before my trip I installed a new "dark side" ( a + or a - depending on your views) Hankook rear tire. Bike has 29.7K miles. Rear tire about 4K miles and front tire may be 5K miles. In May of 2022 and after my trip, I changed the oil and the brake and clutch fluids.

I would consider selling it after I leave TX again around the 20th of January. If there is any interest, please pm me.