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OK, Here it is from the guys that broke the first spy photos of this bike back in October. RideApart presents their 2 page ride review... finally.
Very telling photo on the second page of the rider behind the tall windshield.
He seems to be a dedicated sport touring rider in preference from some of his comments. But gives the CTX good marks overall.
He also doesn't read much since he didn't know the HP or torque but gave a guess at both. It's interesting he guessed the hp almost right on but thought the torque much higher than it is :D

RideApart review: 2014 Honda CTX1300

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And few inaccuracies there (deluxe pricing, and comparing it to the Valkyrie when it really is much closer in style and purpose to the F6B), but otherwise another nice review. The more reviews I read about this bike, the more I think Honda has been tapping into my brain. :eek:
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