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So the Arkansas trip got rained out so i took advantage of that weekend to go places on the bike that I have and have not been before. From Huntsville I rode around The ocoee area and into the mountains to Helen Ga.... I'll let the pictures do the talking for that part and then to Savannah Ga. I ate lunch and walked around a little. I didnt stay long because I didn't bring my mask and you can't go into most stores there without one. The first part I will do again in future rides because of the scenery and curves.

Then I did a day of interstate riding which I'm not used to at all, to meet a friend in Jacksonville for breakfast and then to Mobile Al to see my mom. Early Morning before lunch is the best time to ride the interstate. Bypass the big bridge in Jacksonville if you don't like heights...FYI

That Sunday going home was a day of backroads and rain. First time using my rain suit. That wasn't fun at all. But I learned a lot about me and the bike, Making and sticking with gut feelings, and the good and bad of riding alone. Nobody can here you complain or see you make a bad choice.
Ps....Sand and Dirt roads are not your friends...never!!!!

I will say she did good on the roadtrip. This trip did help me with my comfort level on the bike and my decision to order the Corbin seat with the back rest for my Sept trip to New Mexico.

Ride safe.
Be safe.
Until next time


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