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Seriously considering a CTX 1300

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I have owned 33 motorcycles, currently have a BMW R1200RT and Yamaha Bolt (XVS 950). I have owned many Honda's, including an ST1300 and 2012 Honda Goldwing, and thought I probably wouldn't own another Honda again...until I sat on the CTX 1300!

My experience with Honda has always been a reliable motorcycle, but with outdated technology...especially in the area of headset and audio. I ride with a Victory rider who also has an Indian, and they wireless systems are fantastic.

Talking about technology, my 2012 Street Glide even had a throttle by wire system, meaning no cables as the throttle essentially is a rheostat that dialed in the fuel request via software mapping. The Goldwing....sloppy cables?

That being said, the CTX just looks cool and has the dual role of the street cruiser AND touring at the same time. My question is....why no cruise control!!!! Please! $300 option on the Harley, every other bagger in this category has it available, so that is what is holding me up! The salesman told me the same thing, everyone looks at the CTX, but the comment is very common, why no cruise control?
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I to was wondering why they would not have this as a factory option...but I know there are a few guys on here that have some aftermarket set ups and these work well from what I'm hearing. I will differ to them to answer this a little more in detail. I know its not factory but in my opinion there is so much about this bike that is great that the few things that it doesn't include I can overcome really easily. I hope that you give it a proper shot and test ride it and then go from there....I think you will be really impressed.
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You make a good point, the bike has a lot of great aspects. I have always wondered why Honda tried to make a V-twin cruiser to compete with Harley Davidson. Harley has such a marketing brand, and it is a great bike in a lot of ways. That being said, why a V-twin cruiser that is so de-tuned that it wasn't really any better performance than the real thing?

I like the Honda CTX because it has style like a cruiser with the fairing, and has the bags to do some touring. I used to do long rides, and my right shoulder would have knots after holding the throttle for so long...even with a throttle lock, you still have to modulate the throttle. That is why I sold my ST for a new Street Glide, but it didn't have near the ride that the ST did!
Welcome to the board, Miks!

Personally, I can't see the benefit of cruise on a bike. I use it occasionally in my car; but on a bike, you have to be ready to react so much more often and quickly. Even on the few long trips I've taken on the scoot, I've never wished I had it. Then again, I have no use for floorboards either, but people who have them swear by them, too. :confused:

Anyway, if you're in need of some arm twisting, you came to the right place. ;) and like Dubbs says, there's a whole lot more to like about this bike than not.
Cruise is an excellent feature "IF" you do a lot of highway drivin and or long trips.But for the average rider,it's more trouble than it's worth.My last two Ventures came with factory Cruise and even though I did use it,you can count those times on one hand.And then when I had to tear the machine down for maintenance and or repair,which wasn't very often,but it seemed as though it was always in the way.So my point is,if you feel you need it,then by all means get the factory set up when ya buy/order the machine ,or I'm sure after market kits are available.Dave!!!
I have cruise control on my Trophy. I had it on my Gold Wing and my ElectraGlide. It does a very good job of holding the speed on the open highway. Without it, I find myself gradually increasing speed until I'm in danger of a speeding ticket.

It's also very useful on roads like the Natchez Trace. The speed limits are very low and all of the park rangers like to play policeman by writing tickets for barely exceeding the limits.
Welcome to the board Miks.
If you're interested and able to check out Storm Lake Honda. I just picked up mine from there yesterday. They still have a black Deluxe in house. I worked with Jeff Schultz there and he worked me a good deal at 15600 for it. Don't mean to put him on the spot for the same deal but... ;)
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