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I took my second demo on a CTX today. First if you discount my semi-ride during slick conditions.

I am convinced. Great power, great handling. And I look good on it.

My only worry - arthritic left toe on my size 10.5 foot under that shifter. I use a heel-toe shifter now. But I cannot count on seeing such a gizmo on the CTX.

Do you think welding a half inch or so extension on the shifter will make a difference, making it easier to get more boot under the lever? Or finding some way to move the peg down a smidge? I read a discussion about missing shifts due to inadequate toe pressure.

Or will those Kury miniboards that flytrap installed make a diff here?

I still plan to take a chance on the bike, since everything else is so good. And I haven't found another machine under 800# with ABS and TC and an upright seating position.

Thanks for the advice.
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The miniboards get you several positive changes. First, you can move your feet around to different positions (i.e., not locked in) and second, you can change distance between boot and shifter. I had the same problem as you. One pair of boots had a big fat toe area and so I just tilted the boards down one notch. I have yet to scrape them but then I'm probably classified as a non-aggressive driver as compared to others. The position of the shifter, due to engine configuration, is not highly adjustable.
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