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Short ride turned into no ride

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Well crap! Just getting out with my new knee and working up my stamina for riding. Able to do 3 hour rides (with a break) no problem. Went out for a short ride yesterday and got rear ended. My Veronica is dead, long live Veronica!
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Why is it the ones who REALLY need insurance never seem to have it?

About 15 years ago I was crossing a bridge in Richmond VA and a guy came flying up behind me in an 80s Chevy Monte Carlo, I was in a Nissan Frontier. I could not avoid getting rear-ended as there was a car beside me in the left lane, and a moped in front of me. Sure enough he looked up just before hitting his brakes too late and hitting me. He was rushing to a meeting with his parole officer and he gave me his insurance info, which turned out to be expired. My company covered my damage and then they went after him.
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I remember that Food Lion truck! Scared the :poop: out of me!
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