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tour vs cruise

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While I know that Honda intended the CTX 1300 s a crossover between cruising and touring, after 1000 miles I'm beginning the think that it tours better than it cruises. Traffic congestion, parking lots, puttering around, city streets are not so fun due to lack of low end and gearing. However, once you hit the open roads, that is where the sweet spot hides. Opinions?
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Oh, I don't know -- you pick the right gear and nurse the clutch a bit, this thing can zip around and away when it has to. Of course it won't have the instant snap of a large twin cylinder, but it doesn't do too bad.
The first 300 ft on my way home from work is weaving around a parking lot to the exit. I think it does fine at that once you get to know the bike. I could coax my ST to do OK as long as I watch the balance. I could do the same with my GW but I REALLY had to watch the balance just cuz of it's massive bulk. The CTX is easier there. But it does excel out on the open road and even when it gets a little exciting on some curves.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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