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US accessory list Update

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I took delivery on 4/10. I haven't been on board much with riding comments as I really wanted to get some good miles on mine first (in between other commitments and house needs) so I would not be jumping to conclusions before being familiar with this new design as well as get through a proper break-in. :confused: I have ~> 400 (break style in) miles so far and am 90% pleased with it. I see no point of comparing to a Wing or all an out sport bike as it truely is something new and in between. And yes, I do want the higher windshield for higher speed highway type driving. :(Back roads at enjoyable speeds are fine with the shorty.;)

OK for above tited info ... while at my dealer a few days ago (4/21) to get some items (oil and filter so I can do changes soon- in about 200 more miles), he had just gotten info and the OK to order a few things he knew I wanted. He showed me what he recently got and gave me a copy (though poor and with his costs lined out:cool:). My deal with him was $1.5K off MSRP on the bike ($15998 for my Blue Deluxe) and 20% off List price of accessories. Not sure how this will show on our board ( I first made a draft of it due to time needed to work on it slowly (hopefully minimizing errors) which I could then do a copy and past to the board) I'll just do continuous listing of each item, one at a time each seperated by a coma. Hopefully I could read the poor washed out copy sheet I was given well enough and/or don't make typos. The order will be as follows:
Item / Part# / (Dealer Cost=D / N) as best I can read trough line outs / SRP / Availability / and an * if any notes/clarifications are appropriate.

Here's the list:

Tall windshield / 08R70-MUN-A00 / (85.75) / $125.95 / Now,
Chrome Handlebar Ends / 08F73-MUN-D00 / (29.95) / $41.95 / Now,
Master Cylinder Billet Cap / 08F81-MEM-200 / (30.75) / $44.95 / Now,
Cycle Cover / 08P34-MCH-200 / (79.95) / $112.95 / Now,
LED Foglights / 08V72-MGS-A30 / (246.95) / $359.96 / Now / *will need Attachment Kit?,
Luggage rack / 08L70-MJN-A000B / ($163.00)
Rear Carrier / 08V72-MUN-A00ZB / (108.00) / $163.95 / 4-23-2014,
Inner Cylinder / 08M70-MJE-D01 / (13.00) / $19.95 / 4-25-14 / *for Rear Trunk,
1 Key Body Part / 0M71-MJE-D01 / (6.95) / $9.95 / 5-9-14 * for use with inner cylinder,
Rear Trunk Mount / 08L73-MJN-D00 / (74.00) / $$109.95 / ETA-July / * Req'd to mount Trunk on Rear Carrier,
Rear Trunk in Black / 08L74-MJN-A00ZC; in Candy Red / 08L74-MJN-A00ZA; in Blue / 08L74-MJN-A00ZB / (255.00) / $345.95 / ETA-July / *cannot be used w/Backrest Pad (of course!),
Backrest w/Pad (Black) / 08R71-MJN-D00ZA or (Red)08R71-MJN-D00ZC or (Blue)08R71-MJN-D00ZB / (TBD) / $TBD / ETA-July / *mount on rear Carrier & w/o trunk (again of course!),
Chrome Top Engine Covers-Left&Right / 08F74-MJN-D00 / (TBD) / $TBD / ETA-July,
Chrome Shroud Cover / 08F71-MJN-D00ZA / (TBD) / $TBD / ETA-July,
Audio System (Blue Tooth) / 08A70-MJN-A00(? -Hard to Read) / TBD / $TBD / ETA-July,
12V Accessory Outlet / 08I170-MJN-A00?(also hard to read) / TBD / TBD

I did not see Heated grips I want (eventually) :eek: but list was fading out so much and maybe there was more further down. And/or I'm sure there will be those and more stuff available later on. I should also note there was a cover sheet with the list where Honda was apologizing to the dealer for the delays incurred which they realize are upsetting their customers and indicated they are doing there best to play catch up make things better than projected.:) They also commit to keeping dealer informed so he can pass on updates to their customers.:rolleyes:

Hopefully this is a more complete listing vs others with pieces I've seen or maybe I've missed a complete one. If so, sorry for the repeat.:eek:
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I thought this would be a good thread to sticky, and move it to Accessories & Gear. With more of these bikes hitting the road, and hopefully more accessories on the way soon, I know I want to be able to find this info quick. And I haven't seen it anywhere else.

So thanks, gadgetman! Anyone please let know if you become aware of more, and I'll update this thread. ;)
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I do not know if Honda does this all the time with part numbers or not (no prior experience). Here are the new numbers:

Tall windshield: 08R70-MJN-A00 ($125.00)
Luggage rack: 08L70-MJN-A000B ($163.00)

Hope this will help someone.
Don't forget this update to the part numbers for these items.
Added the luggage rack.

Anybody know the difference between the rear Carrier and the luggage rack? Pics, maybe?
I wish I had pics :) but the rear carrier is the thing that goes between the trunk and the luggage rack. Looks like a sheet of metal with 8 holes: the inner 4 are for fastening onto the luggage rack; the outer 4 are for fastening to the trunk.
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Thanks for the information.
good to know. I guess I was thinking Carrier and luggage rack were the same thing but I did know there was an extra "bracket" needed to mount the trunk.

So Carrier= "trunk bracket" and that sits between the trunk and luggage rack. Somewhere I also read that this item is intended to stiffen or strengthen the mounting for the trunk.

Thanks all.
For clarity's sake, I'll have to go back on my answer as "Rear Carrier" (literally) appears to be the name used in all official docs for the luggage rack :D So let's talk part numbers instead:

  • 08L72-MJN-D00ZB is the luggage rack, the Y-shaped metal part that connects via 4 bolts to the rear of the bike "hugging" the passenger seat on the sides and providing a base for the rest of the rear-mounted accessories
  • 08L73-MJN-D00 is the trunk mounting bracket, the square-shaped metal part with 8 holes that I was talking about above. It goes on top of the luggage rack and on top of it goes the trunk
Also, since we're here, I've cross-referenced all accessory part numbers that were mentioned so far and ironed out some typos (or poor photocopy induced errors). Enjoy here.
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Chrome windscreen trim!! :D

(I kid, I kid!!)
I've also added the P/N for the special velcro that's missing from the tall windscreen to the list, along with a comments column. If you have any more information you think belongs there, let me know and I'll be happy to add it as well.
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Minor Clarification

The tape needed is 3M 's dual lock vs a Velcro product. Pretty much the same as used for EZ pass (or similar ) windshield mounting.
Just in case you cannot find it elsewhere, I used the version from Radio Shack HERE
It's clear, not pink as in the photo and comes as 4 strips (not hook/loop like Velcro but both sides are the same plastic mini-pegs that interlock with each other). The backing that gets pulled off of these has 3M Dual-Lock printed on it so this is the same stuff you need. Be sure to visit a Radio Shack store that seems to have more electrical connectors and cables and stuff as those stores seem to be more likely to have this kind of stuff also. Some RS stores don't have it. You can also order it online at RS using the search terms "Superlock" alone and don't select the suggested term as that cannot be found for some reason.
12v plug installation.
Does anyone have a photo of where to install the 12v plug ??
I didn't like where Honda places the factory option for that so put mine in my right saddlebag using the Honda provided plug under the seat to power it.

If you remove the seat you will see an opening in the plastic on the right where you can see the top mount of the right shock. Just behind that inside that hollow space is where the Honda option mounts (there are 2 holes in the plate in there for the mounting and the taped up 2 pin plug under the center of the seat area is the plug used to connect.

See my flickr photos (link in signature line) in my CTX1300 Add-ons album for photos of what I did. And/or GO HERE for my post on the install.

In the first photo you will notice I also added an additional covered 12v socket for emergencies and my air pump. The Honda 12v socket circuit only allows for 10 amps. DON'T simply put a 15 amp fuse in for that, it's connected to more than just the 12v socket cable and the wiring is set for just what the factory intended (as is almost all other wiring on the bike). I needed a 15 amp socket for my air pump so I added one just for that and wired it directly to the battery.

One note about adding electrical stuff: don't assume this bike is just like any other for adding electrical gadgets, it isn't. Being an all LED bike changes a lot of the electrical so you just cannot add stuff the same as you would have on any other bike. There has been already one member who tried that and blew out the turn signals in the rear LED combination light assembly (it's all one piece... and pricey to replace).

Other note: please read through the Electronics forum on the board for lots more information about electrical add-ons.
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I bought my CTX with the accessory windshield and trunk. I have added the Throttlemeister, passenger and driver boards. I like the driver boards even though they cut half an inch off my lean angle. I will be installing the center stand and the heated grips later this month, God willing and the creek don't rise. I am also considering a new Givi box for the back, a little larger for those longer trips my wife and I take, and the top rack.
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