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Waiting to see!

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Honda rider 42 years:
CB 350 1972. Rode cross country @ 20 yrs Old
List inc. CB750K 1974, CB350-4 1973, CB550 F 1977,CB750K 1982,Shadow 750 in 80's. Shadow 1100 Sabre 2000 still own, ST1300 2006 still own , Hope CTX 1300 is what I visualized Honda would do with the ST.....Well see!
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Welcome to the board!

Just so you don't go thinking the CTX is a ST replacement. That could get you lynched over on the ST-Owners boards! I'd still rather have something that "leans" toward cruising without the forward controls like the CTX1300 :)

(I did hear/read that some dealers think there will be a new ST coming in 2016 or 2017)
welcome aboard happytrails! What did you visualize the ST would be?
just re-read what I wrote and thought I should clarify a bit...
The CTX1300 does not have forward controls like a cruiser and that is what I like.
It also does not have sport-bike foot position, way back under or behind the seat, which is also what I like. The ST1100 has a somewhat under seat foot position and the ST1300 even more so (and is thus more sport oriented even though it's not really a sport bike). I've become used to my ST1100 after many miles but would still prefer the standard seating with the instep between the grips and the center of the seat.
Just didn't want that misunderstood.
Welcome aboard, @happytrails. Sounds like you've got exactly the same wish for something born of the venerable ST1300 as I do -- and have for about 12 years. Can't wait to see this ride up close. Stay tuned!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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