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WebMrBike video

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just a little vid i found just now. having trouble embedding it. if any of you can help me out here please do.

Honda CTX1300試乗 WEBミスター・バイク - YouTube
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Nice video. I'd be able to embed the video if I was on my laptop but I'm on my Nexus 7 tablet today and only can get the mobile you tube which I cannot embed here.
Nice! Thanks for posting. And the link works just fine. ;)

Man have I missed that distinctive V-4 whine. :D
it sure does make a difference seeing it on the road cruising along, better than photos.
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and here's another one guys

cheeken thanks for embedding the last video. I'm not really sure why its not allowing me to do it.
Thanks one more time!

Damm that's got a nice little snort to it. :D
2014 Honda CTX1300 Review - YouTube

not the best reiew. but any port in a storm i say. Got to admit Sleeping bear i do like the way she sings. Surprised how many people are reiterating how it picks up and goes.
I think this deserves it's own thread so posting one.
I think this deserves it's own thread so posting one.
much obliged bob. if i find more i'l keep posting here, and leave it to you guys if you think they deserve stand alone threads. i think the fact that these guys are so accustomed to riding crotch rockets for long periods shows. 7k redlines are pretty common place for cruisers, and i doubt this is the first cruiser the motocycle. com staff has ridden. oh well. still the bike's getting some great reviews. seems to be tall and short person friendly too.
Please do :)
Nice video, thanks for sharing...
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