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Left Chattanooga on Saturday with two friends for a ride south. Went via Fort Mountain down into Ellijay, hit some of the apple festivals on our way to Dawsoville and a friends farm. The day was beautiful and the CTX performed wonderfully.

I had previously adjusted the rear shocks to "1" and have gotten about 250 miles on it since doing so. The bike with 3,000 miles and softer setting was much more enjoyable. After the whole day riding, I arrived back at Lake Chickamauga for a party at the marina, and realized my back was perfectly fine. Although I did pop a few Aleve before I left in the morning.

For folks near Chattanooga, there is a great site called Biker's Dozen that provides a number of loops starting and finishing in Chattanooga. Maybe we should plan a forum run one day??

Bikers' Dozen
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