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A car tire on a motorcycle can fit and look fine on the outside ... what about the sealing surface on the inside?
How the tire seals against the rim and the forces on it in curves are important.
I have friends that have done the same, we have good discussions :)
The one question that we have never checked is: what will an insurance company say in the event of a claim?
I've read comments from those in that situation. If an insurance company finds out there is a car tire on the bike, they don't cover anything. One rider said the accident wasn't his fault but his insurance company still dropped him.
Car tires may handle okay and grip the road okay, but it comes down to they weren't designed for motorcycles. The tire bead is designed differently for one. I could go on and on rehashing the same old arguments. But it comes down to the insurance for me. What's the point of taking a chance with a car tire when your insurance company will drop you like a hot potato?
As far as motorcycle tire longevity, it depends on the brand of tire too. I put an Avon Spirit ST on the rear and I love it. It grips wet pavement better than any Bridgestone I've had. And so far, the tread shows no sign of wear. And most importantly, the motorcycle handles like it should. No umf trying to get it into a turn. And no holding the bike in the turn. It stays in the lean angle without constant pressure to keep it there.
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