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What about the center stand?

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One thing I think is important is the center stand. I thought it was to be a standard accessory on the Deluxe version. But I haven't heard it mentioned yet. Has any got an eye ball on a CTX1300 with a center stand? How much effort does it take to lift the motorcycle?

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The center stand is standard on the Canadian model.

It's an option that should be available in July for the US models. Part Number 08M70-MJN-A00. My dealer does not yet have pricing information.

I feel like I'm getting by OK without it, so I may decide not to order it when it comes available. If it's over $250 I'll skip it. If it's under $150 I'll get it. If it's somewhere in between, I might get it.
It's easy on centre stand, Honda have it well balance I put in on in my slippers.
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