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Hey all, new member here…

I’ll cut right to it… I tried to wire in a replacement horn. Started the bike, hit the horn button and the bike cut off immediately. I still have electronics and I checked the battery which has a full charge, but absolutely nothing happens when I hit the starter. I’m feeling like an idiot, since this was such a simple thing. Needless to say I disconnected the horn. Still nothing.

if anyone can point me in the right direction, I’d be so thankful. Don’t have a clue how I’ll even get her back in the garage right now. It’s quite a hill. Argh.

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Welcome to the forum @GalaxyT25
Simple stuff first...
Kill switch?
Has happened to the best of us.
Side stand down and in gear?
Fuse? Fuse block under the shallow left storage bin.

When you wired in the replacement horn did you use the existing horn wire pair to the new horn set?
What horns did you install? Some horns need much more amps, meaning bigger wire gage, that what goes to the OEM horn. Not always a good idea to not replace those wires or run completely new wires from the battery that are powered by a relay that is triggered using the stock horn wire pair. I've done this on all my bikes except my current one (my current ride has a decent horn already which was a pleasant surprise).
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