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Where can i buy following helmet, gear in LA US

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Hi' I'm going to USA next week, and i'm planning to purchase the following helmet please show me the location where i can get good deal and variety of selection.:)

1. Ruby Castel helmet
2. Aari XC helmet

and perhaps... please point me to the motocycle gear store.. that has plenty of cool staff like dainese, Held glove and etc., :D:D

i will probably rent a car to drive around.

Thank you very much ..
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Where are you going in the US? It's kind of a big place....
Don't know about those items but I do all my gear shopping at MotorcycleGear.com (the new name of New Enough) :: Motorcycle Jackets, Helmets, Gloves, Boots, Luggage, Parts and More!
Often I will print a page for an item from that web site and take it to our local Suzuki/Kawasaki dealer who has a lot of gear in stock and they will price match online web pricing. That's how I got my boots this time around. Otherwise all my gear is from this web site. Very good customer service and sizing information. I've only had to return one item many years ago because I didn't look closely enough at their recommendations for size. Lesson learned there. I really like and use all TourMaster gear and HJC helmet (IS-17 is the current helmet). Pricing is very good so I end up not doing much shopping around for things anymore.
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Where are you going in the US? It's kind of a big place....
Based on the title of the message, it sounds like he may be going to either Los Angeles or Louisiana ("LA" is of course ambiguous). I suspect the former might have a lot more options than the latter. :D
And based on the info that firsttime911 is from Thailand I'd guess Los Angeles California.
Oh yeah ... LA US. Duh.

Don't know ... I'm kind of at the opposite end of the continent. But a quick google search turns up Honda of Hollywood, 6525 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90038. Looks like a pretty good sized shop -- I'd start there.

Web site is BMW & Honda Motorcycles For Sale LA, CA: BMW Superbike, Honda Sport Bike & Motorcycle Dealer in Hollywood & Los Angeles, CA. Down at the bottom left side of the home page is a Contact Us link, in case you want to ask them about specific products before you visit.
sorry.. I didn't put it properly is Los angeles,.. most likely stay around Hollywood..
sorry.. I didn't put it properly is Los angeles,.. most likely stay around Hollywood..
Don't know about those particular helmets, do a google for cyclegear.com. They have stores all over California
The Arai you can find at just about any big motorcycle dealer.

The Ruby you won't . Only place I could think of that has Ruby is Glory Sales in LA. The normal 3/4 helmet is over a grand so they're pretty exclusive. Kind of why I went with Davida back in the day.
The Aari should be no problem. The Ruby on the other hand might be a Quest. They were sold at Auction last year and per their website they are liquidating the remaining stock. If your really wanting that helmet eBay will be your best source. Enjoy your trip, find an Eagle Rider Rental, rent a Bike and hit the Mountain/Canyon roads around LA!
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