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First ctx 1300 in P.R. and test ride

Hello All, after waiting some months The first one comes to my island. On Monday, Planet Honda the bigger dealer in Puerto Rico call me and the manager tell me to take a test ride so I got a vacation days from work .On Tuesday and put some miles on this amazing bike and I love it.I found that the rides very very well on slow and up to 60 miles with the short windshield, had a lot of torque, I am 5,6 and I cant put my feet's flat, my back part of the boots are one inches up form the back but that don't affect me much, the narrow front of the seat make this position not uncomfortable. On Wednesday the bike was mine and go back to home and after ride it a little more found the little jerky throttle manage I called it little because is not too bad as my Suzuki m90,this bike has a terrible on off switch on the throttle grip, I fix it with cobra FMS,TRE,rear shock coil change and decreasing the diameter of the throttle cable base at the grip and increasing the diameter at the throttle drum and know this bike runs
amazingly well. Also found the ctx needs some rubber damping for the bars, the suspension is sweet but sometimes I feel the bars vibration when hit a hole or a patch. But I love this bike she is like a Cadillac on the road.
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