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GOT fans will recognize that, us folks in Michigan, too!

I'm looking for things you like to do before covering the bike up for the winter.

Here's my list already but looking for your thoughts !
•Burning out old fuel, adding "recreational" fuel in last ride of the year (soon here). I shouldn't need to add Seafoam fuel stabilizer then.
•Parking it on kick stand (I dont have a center stand), on a wood-board to at least get it off the cold unheated garage concrete floor.
•Battery is new and a pain to remove I hear, I'll probably leave battery in but on a battery-tender.
•One friend likes to add 5lbs of extra air to the tires for the winter.
•One friend likes to add Marvel mystery oil thru before winter.
•I have farm fields by me, so mice and little forest-critters like to get in the garage. So I'll put a little bag of moth-balls under the bike. A couple traps, too.
•I recently acquired a Motorcycle Lift. I probably won't put the bike on the lift unless anyone thinks that would be beneficial in some way?
•Covering the bike with a decent cover of course.
•Besides a little washing, that's about it.

What are your plans?


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I live in Central Iowa, where it gets plenty cold and we get plenty of nasty white stuff during the cold season. Last time I put my bike away for the Winter cold months was 18 years ago. For many years since then I still did add the required amount of StaBil to the tank since sometimes I would let the bike sit for a few weeks at least... up to a month or maybe a little more... between riding. My last years of working, from 2006 to 2019, I would add the StaBil just in case but was usually able to ride every day the pavement was clear and dry. Sometimes that was every day but sometimes a few weeks would go by waiting for the ice and packed snow to clear off the streets on my route. Since retirement, 2019, I ride every few days up to every few weeks like when I was working.

YES to putting a board under the side stand. I keep a few flat boards just for that purpose for my bike and my wife's Metropolitan scooter. Both of those have a center stand (the Metropolitan does not have a side stand!) so the boards go under both feet of the center stands. My wife does not ride in cold temps so I put a flat board under the front tire with the rear tire being held off the floor by the center stand. Since I do sometimes ride in cold temps I don't bother putting anything under the tires on my bike.

YES to plugging into a Battery Tender or other programmed battery maintainer (NOT a trickle charger). I do that all the time anyway with my bike and my wife's scooter as well as my John Deer lawn tractor and even the second car since that doesn't get used but every other month at most.

I always check the tire psi every week at least, more often when I ride during the cold season, so no need to pump any extra psi in there... just check regularly. If not riding for a few months then you only really need to check psi once a month. Air pressure will drop over time but really only a few psi over the duration of a month unless there is another problem with the tires that will need to be handled.

With a full cover on the bike for any length of time I would use dryer softener sheets if you don't want the smell of moth balls for the first several rides when you start up again. Stuff a sheet or two into the fork tunnel and also under the seat.

Keep the tank full to minimize any air in the tank and treat the fuel with your favorite stuff like StaBil, SeaFoam, or whatever. And run the engine enough to get the treated fuel through the system all the way.
I do that every cold season, as I said earlier, and re-treat every time I fill the tank during cold season. I treat the gas in all my lawn equipment as well and run it through the engines and keep the tanks full and have never had issues when time to start those engines up again. My 2 stage snow thrower has been sitting since last March with treated fuel like that and I don't expect any issues starting on the first pull next month (when I typically make ready for that nasty white stuff).

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Since I don't have a center stand, I just move the motorcycle a few feet weekly. Sometimes I make vroom vroom noises as I push on the bars. 🏍

I also rest the side stand on a piece of carpet to prevent scratching the concrete garage floor.
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